Basic Condition Monitoring

Basic condition monitoring is essential for achieving maximum bearing service life

To help ensure long bearing service life, it is important to determine the condition of machinery and bearings while in operation. Good predictive maintenance will help reduce machine downtime and decrease overall maintenance costs.
To help you achieve the maximum service life from your bearings, SKF has developed a wide range of measuring instruments for analysing the critical environmental conditions, which have an impact on bearing and machine performance.

The SKF range covers the most important parameters for measuring machine condition to achieve optimum bearing performance:

Oil condition
Bearing condition

Maintenance Concepts

Run to failure
Run to failure occurs when repair action is not taken until a problem results in machine failure. Run to failure problems often cause costly secondary damage along with unplanned downtime and maintenance costs.

Preventive maintenance
Preventive maintenance implies that a machine, or parts of a machine, are overhauled on a regular basis regardless of the condition of the parts. While preferable to run to failure maintenance, preventive maintenance is costly because of excessive downtime from unnecessary overhauls and the cost of replacing good parts along with worn parts.

Preventive maintenance is similar to the regular service of a car.
Often unnecessary maintenance is performed.

Predictive maintenance
Condition monitoring/predictive maintenance is the process of determining the condition of machinery while in operation. This enables the repair of problem components prior to failure. Condition monitoring not only helps plant personnel reduce the possibility of catastrophic failure, but also allows them to order parts in advance, schedule manpower, and plan other repairs during the downtime.
With condition monitoring, machinery analysis takes two overlapping forms; predictive and diagnostic.

Condition based maintenance means repairs are only carried out when required.
The most effective alternative.

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